National Show

Venue: Pettigrew Green Arena, Gloucester Street, Taradale, Napier
Date: Sunday 6th June 2010



Hawke’s Bay is again privileged to be holding the 2010 National Cat Show under the management of Patches and Pointed Inc.

Each year in June, the New Zealand Cat Fancy holds the National Cat Show. This is the undoubted highlight of the year, as several hundred exhibitors from across the country converge on the chosen city, bringing carefully prepared cats and kittens for competition.

The National Cat Show will be a two day Art Deco extravaganza, complete with an Art Deco theme throughout the show and the surrounding area, with 400 – 500 of New Zealand’s top pedigree cats on display.

Judges from Japan, South Africa, the USA and Australia will be traveling to the Hawkes Bay to judge the exhibits and share their experiences and views. In addition, Some of our expert NZCF judges from around New Zealand will be joining the judging panel to provide a fantastic day of competition and display.

The National Cat show offers breeders and exhibitors from all over New Zealand the opportunity to participate in 1 full day of judging, building up to a of the judging of the Supreme Exhibits. This will be the sole focus of the show.
Public viewing is offered throughout the day and public attendance is expected to be between 2,000 and 3,000 based on previous National Cat Shows.

To add to the Weekend the NZCF is also offering A FANTASTIC SEMINAR DAY Covering Topics On Feline Health, Genetics And Nutrition. Special Guest Speaker - Leslie Lyons USA (Renowned Genetisist) Saturday 5th June 2010

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