American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is now one of the many breeds of cat registered with the New Zealand Cat Fancy and was accepted in this organisation in 2018. In America, the breed originated from cats accompanying settlers migrating from Europe; there are even records of the Mayflower carrying several cats to hunt the ship's rats. These 'working cats' flourished and eventually established themselves as the native North American shorthaired cat. Their beauty and loving nature came to be valued as much as their rat-catching skills. By the late 19th century, there was an interest in having a registered cat representative of the North American working cat and the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) selected the by then established breed (at the time called the Domestic Shorthair) as one of its first five registered breeds in 1906. Breeders selected the finest examples to preserve the all-around working cat's structure and to refine the beautiful face, the easy-going disposition, and the striking colours present in today's breed. The breed was renamed 'American Shorthair' in 1966. By 2012 it had become the seventh most popular pedigree cat in the United States. Because of its sound genetic background, the breed is known for its longevity, robust health, good looks, sweet personality, and amiability with children, dogs, and other pets. Males are usually larger than females, and both continue to grow until about four years old. Adult weights range from five to eight kilograms. Many live for 15 years or more. Because it is a true breed of working cat, the general effect should be that of a strongly built, well balanced, symmetrical cat with conformation indicating power, endurance, and agility. Photo: Linda Bieniasz

NZCF Accredited American Shorthair Breeders List

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American Shorthair Breeders List

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HAXTENDORF Tinwald Ashburton Home: (03) 308 6092
Website: Click Here

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