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Breed Section Proceedures Draft

Overview of the Breed Standards Council   Breed Standards Council Overview

November 2002 Meeting Discussion points   Nov 02 Meeting Discussion Points

Effect of the Dilute Modifier Gene   Effect of the Dilute Modifier Gene

Proceedures Draft   Proceedures Draft

Acceptance of New Breed Colour Proposal   Acceptance of New Breed Colour Proposal

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Flow Chart 1

Alterations to Existing Standards, New Colour/Variety Re


Individual Members (Breeders/Non Breeders)[Must be member of the relevant Breed Section they are submitting for]

BSC Resolution - May initiate or recommend alterations to standards where (but not limited to) there are:
Issues that affect more than one breed
Genetic Principles as adopted by the NZCF are adversely affected in any way
Ongoing health and viability of the breed concerned if affected
Conformation or otherwise with Overseas Registries with reasoning for variances
Judges [within the section(s) they are licensed to Judge eg longhair only judge can't submit on a Siamese Standard unless they qualify in some other way, ie member of the breed section]
Clubs [if a specialist club, club constitution must allow for that particular breed, eg TOSCA can't submit a new colour for Abyssinians etc]
Breed Section Representatives [of the breed they represent]
These proposals are sent to the BSC [Secretary] who on receipt:
Notifies Originator of Proposal's arrival and proposal is given a number which is then used for all future identification
b) Posts applications to BSC members who have 14 days to respond, tidies up formatting (if necessary), then
Sends proposal (Proposers Details are held with the BSC), which is identified only by its number to relevant Breed Section Members (allowing 5 days to be received there then is a 21 day deadline to reply except in the *New Breeds Recognition then a 28 day deadline is imposed, for reply)
* Refers information to Executive Council & Judges Council(on the new breed applications only)
BSC sends out a list to relevant Breed Section Representative/s with current members names & numbers for collating replies
Members reply to their relevant Breed Section Representative/s
The Breed Section Representatives on receipt shall:
Receive and collate the Breed Section replies
Report to the BSC detailing within 14 days (*21 days) of the deadline the following:
Number of replies in the affirmative*
Number of replies in the negative*
Number of replies not clear*
Total number of replies received
Summary of comments received
Send a copy of their report to the Breed Section Members
Forward original responses to BSC Secretary for filing and audit purposes
The Breed Standards Council on receipt of Breed Section Representatives report forwards the recommendations, to Executive Council # = ^
If no or lack of response (less than 75% of Breed Section) from appropriate Breed Sections, then BSC has flexibility to decide what recommendations are forwarded to Executive Council.
Once Executive Council have made their decision the matter is referred back to the BSC to implement a number of tasks to complete this process
  • Post to the Website # = ^
  • Updates to Judges # (next scheduled update)
  • Remaining Shows affected #
  • Further Submissions invited ^
  • Discretion to instruct a special update by SOP Officer #
Breed Section Proposal Process for Breed Standards Council (Draft):
Diagram 2
Deb Armishaw


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