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Effect of the Dilute Modifier Gene

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Effect of the Dilute Modifier Gene   Effect of the Dilute Modifier Gene

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Because the Caramel is an effect modifying the dilute colours it is proposed that we will precede the existing dilute colour with a small 'k' and it is to be applied in the same way as the small 's' is for Silver. Only where this is appropriate, eg: so as a 24k Sealpoint Caramel can't be registered for example.

To facilitate the understanding of how this dilute modifying gene works below is a table and above diagrams of what happens within the hair shafts when the effects of this gene are seen.

Basically what happens is that from the dense colour, we get a clumping of the colour granules, which allows the light to be refracted through the hair shaft, diluting the dense colour. When the effect of the dilute modifier is applied to the dilution, the colour granules are still clumped but single grains break off which essentially muddies the refracted light in the hair shaft and causes the blue, lilac and fawn to appear to have a browning effect.

The same applies to the red series but instead of appearing brown the Cream is modified to the extent that it is a warmer colour (a hot cream) but not to the extent of being a full Red.












Dilute Modifier

Blue Caramel

Lilac Caramel

Fawn Caramel








This article may be shared and used for educational purposes, when the original document is used, I ask that I as author be acknowledged.

Deb Armishaw Dec 2002


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