Burmilla Longhair

The Burmilla is an elegant cat of medium size. They are a relatively 'new' breed and are essentially a silver Burmese. They originate from an accidental mating between a male Chinchilla and a female Burmese. The coat of the Burmilla is short and dense with a silky texture, and lies smoothly with sufficient undercoat to give a slight lift. Their shading exists in all Burmese colors (brown, blue, lilac, chocolate, red and cream) and black undercoat of pure silver.

The Burmilla is similar in nature to the Burmese, but quieter. They have the reputation of being intelligent, outgoing, sociable and friendly. Burmilla have a gentle and 'sweet-natured' personality, and are very playful.

NZCF Accredited Burmilla Longhair Catteries

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Burmilla Longhair Breeders List

Breeder NamesPrefix NameLocationContact Info
FUEHRER, Samantha  FUEHRER Oxford
E-mail: fuehrerburmillas@gmail.com  
HEAD, Dianne  HEADLINE Herald Island Auckland Home: 027 4720062
E-mail: dianne@headline.co.nz
Website: Click Here  
THOMAS, Yvonne  
AVON Hororata
E-mail: themanorhouse0@gmail.com
Website: Click Here  

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