Cornish Rex

Distinguished by its short deeply wavy, corrugated coat, with crinkley eyebrows and whiskers, the Cornish Rex was a natural occurrence first seen in Southern England in the early 1950's and is the result of a recessive gene

With a slender body of medium length, the Cornish has large expressive eyes, a roman profile and large ears set fairly high on the head. The overall impression should be a cat 'high on the legs'. The Cornish Rex is highly intelligent and will adapt to almost any environment as long as warmth is provided.

As their coat is actually hair rather than fur, they can often be tolerated by allergy sufferers. They are devoted to their human companions and love children and dogs as well as their own kind. They are affectionate, sociable, extrovert but quiet. They generally prefer to be carried on the shoulders and when greeting you they tend to wag their tails.

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NEWMAN, Joanna  SUNSET RD 1 Kerikeri Home: (09) 407 6428
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