Judges Profile

Joanne, Millar

All Breeds
4 Everett St
Coalgate RD 1
Canterbury 7673
03 318 2758
027 662 3775

I first began showing with the New Zealand Cat Fancy a Seal Tortie Point Siamese in 1978.  In 1985 I began breeding Siamese and Orientals under the Ramaltal Prefix and Burmese in 1989.

For the past 23 years I have been breeding British Shorthairs and Scottish Folds under the successful prefix of Intrigue.  I have actively promoted the delightful Scottish Fold through out NZ and was fortunate enough to breed New Zealands first Gold Double Grand Champion Scottish Fold, Gld Dbl Gr Ch Intrigue Immortal Memory. In 2008 I was fortunate enough to have bred and exhibited New Zealands Best other Shorthair Entire Cat, a British Blue male, Gld Dbl Gr Ch Intrigue Sir Larfalot.  I am also owned by a Brown Tabby Van Persian Neuter, who has taken top honours in the Longhair Desexed section of the New Zealand Cat Fancy Awards in 2012 and 2013.

I am now actively breeding the beautiful and regal Russian Blue after losing both of my parents, under their Prefix of Kirov, and 2018 part owned and showed New Zealands Best Shorthair Entire Cat, Gld Dbl Gr Ch Kimara Metalllica Blu Sumfin Special.

I have an extremely busy life working full time.  My spare time is dedicated to my cats, my Bull Mastiff dog, my horse and in my spare time getting out and about on my VW Trike.

I have been on the Judges panel since 1989 and am an All Breeds Judge for the NZ Cat Fancy Inc. and have consistently accepted appointments Nationally as well as completing assignments in NSW, Queensland, Canberra, Victoria, Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania and more recently, Penang, Malaysia. I am also involved with the Training of our New and Up and coming Judges.

Judges need to be flexible and able to adapt to different standards and processes. I believe it is important to produce a professional result, which contributes to the shows success and enjoyment by exhibitors and spectators. Shows should be fun: entertaining, educational and interesting. I thrive on the professional challenge of judging the wide variety of cats on the show bench and it is a privilege to judge and enjoy the beautiful cats entrusted to me on show day.

My aim when judging is to give an honest educated appraisal, and to be fair and consistent with all exhibits, and above all else to enjoy myself.