Online Voting

New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc 2021 online voting system.
This is being used as an alternative option to the normal postal voting.

To submit your Online Voting

You need to Register before you can start entering your vote, the registration process is simple.

To register you only need to enter your First and Last Name and Membership number.

You can go to the registration page from the button

Click here. Register

PLEASE NOTE: once you complete the registration and start voting please do not navigate away from the webpage...

Voting Form:

Each voting form will display each individual ballot and candidate/s up for selection, any special notes regarding ballot and or selection.

There is also the option to read the Bios on the candidate’s running for each ballot.

Voting on the Breed Reps will be filtered so you should only see ballot questions relaing to breeds you work with.

Should you have any trouble with this voting process in the first instance contact the Portfolio Manager IT on 021 430 055.