Useful Links

Below are some links which you may find useful or interesting. The lists below are not definitive. If you have visited a site that you feel that other members of the New Zealand Cat Fancy, or visitors to this site could find interesting then please submit these to the webmaster for consideration. Thank you.

NZCF Club Websites
Geyserland Cat Club
Hamilton Cat Club
Palmerston North Cat Club
Patches & Pointed Inc
Sacred Temple Cat Club
The Oriental Shorthair Cat Association
Other Councils' Websites
GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (UK))
The American Cat Fanciers Association
The Australian Cat Federation
The International Cat Association
FCCV Feline Control Council of Victoria
Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia
NSW CFA - The New South Wales Cat Fanciers' Association Inc
Cat Control Council of Tasmania
The Southern Africa Cat Council
Canadian Cat Association
Federazione Italiana Associazioni Feline
Traditional Cat Association
The Austrian Cat Fanciers
FIFe: Federation Internationale Feline
Other sites of interest
World Cat Congress
NZ Companion Animal Council
New Zealand Veterinary Association
My Vet - Online Pet Pharmacy