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          Abyssinian      American Shorthair
          Australian Mist      Balinese
          Bengal      Birman
          Bombay      British Longhair
          British Shorthair      Burmese
          Burmilla Longhair      Burmilla Shorthair
          Cashmere      Cornish Rex
          Cymric      Devon Rex
          Devon Rex Longhair      Egyptian Mau
          Exotic      Isle of Man Longhair
          Isle of Man Shorthair      Japanese Bobtail Longhair
          Japanese Bobtail Shorthair      Javanese
          Korat      La Perm
          Maine Coon      Mandalay
          Manx      Norwegian Forest Cat
          Ocicat      Oriental Shorthair
          Persian      Ragdoll
          Russian      Scottish Fold Longhair
          Scottish Fold Shorthair      Scottish Longhair
          Scottish Shorthair      Selkirk Rex
          Siamese      Siberian
          Singapura      Somali
          Sphynx      Tasman Cymric
          Tasman Isle of Man Longhair      Tasman Isle of Man Shorthair
          Tasman Manx      Templecat
          Tiffany      Tonkinese
          Toyger      Turkish Angora
          Turkish Van

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