The origins if the tailless Manx are uncertain, but they have long been associated with the Isle of Man. The Manx is the shorthaired version of the Cymric but has a double coat.

The body has a short back and deep flank, with the hindquarters rounded and high which produces the rabbity hopping gait. The show cat must be completely tailless, (known as a Rumpy), with a hollow where the tail would normally begin

Variations to this exist in the breed namely, a Rumpy-riser has a small tail knob, a Stubby or Stumpy has a very short tail and a Longy has a shortened tail. They are calm and gentle in nature being affectionate to their owners and tend to follow them everywhere. They may be suspicious of strangers.

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WHEATON, Lynda  WILDCAT Houhora Timaru Home: 0273432266  

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