The Ragdoll is a semi-longhaired cat of Himalayan pattern and come in three variations which are either Colour Pointed, Mitted (white feet) or Bi-colour, all with blue eyes.

The name comes from the ability these cats have to relax and go completely limp when being handled, but of course, only when it suits them!

They are playful, gentle and affectionate cats who seem to have a "nothing bothers me" attitude. They make quiet, sweet and endearing pets and appear to love being carried around and held by their owners whether adult or child, although their docile nature could make them vulnerable to boisterous youngsters. Their coat is thick and silky but non-matting so only moderate, but regular, grooming required.

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NZCF Accredited Ragdoll Catteries

Breeder NamesPrefix NameLocationContact Info
ELVINES, Shaun  
RAGROYALTY North Shore Auckland Home: 021646482
E-mail: info@ragroyaltyragdolls.co.nz
Website: Click Here  
FANFULLA, Toni L  FANFARE Tauranga Home: (07) 577 1363
E-mail: fanfareragdolls@xtra.co.nz
Website: Click Here  

Ragdoll Breeders List

Breeder NamesPrefix NameLocationContact Info
BELLINGHAM, Haylee  UNIQUEDOLLS Titoki Whangarei Home: 0274263815
E-mail: haylee43@hotmail.com
Website: Click Here  
DOWNES, Margaret M  KIWIMAGIC St Johns Park Auckland Home: (09) 521 4230
E-mail: kiwimagic@outlook.com
Website: Click Here  
DUNCAN, Kellie  PHAEDRA Gore Home: 0279496207
E-mail: kellbell_mckay@hotmail.com  
GODFREY, Michael
GODFREY, Gillian  
AURORAPETZ Tauranga Home: 07 5442952
E-mail: info@aurorapetz.co.nz
Website: Click Here  
GONG, Howard  ANGELADOLLS Murrays Bay Auckland Home: 094417918
E-mail: howardgenesis@hotmail.com  
HARRIS, Sarah  
ADORADOLLS Otorohanga Home: 0274156761
E-mail: keryn.m@xtra.co.nz  
KOPPENHAGEN, Yvonne  MYSTICALDOLLS Karaka Auckland Home: 021842239
E-mail: yvonnekoppenhagen@gmail.com  
LEE, Allison
LEE, Alexander  
BELLAZURE Matamata Home: 0274884818  
LEE, Miki  JASSLIME Kumeu Auckland
E-mail: jasslime@hotmail.com
Website: Click Here  
MACLEAN, Fiona  MACCATS Te Atatu South Auckland Home: (09) 838 2339
E-mail: kittens@maccats.co.nz
Website: Click Here  
HARRIS, Sarah  
ADORADOLLS Otorohanga Home: 06 9275764
E-mail: keryn.m@xtra.co.nz  
PARK, Mikaella  SPLENDIDPAWZ Otehu, Auckland Home: 021 580911
E-mail: splendidragdolls@gmail.com
Website: Click Here  
PRICE, Joanne
PRICE, Gerard  
NEWSFLASH Kaiapoi Home: 0274478770
E-mail: zipadedoda@xtra.co.nz  
RANCHDOLLS Otorohanga Home: 027 3424691
E-mail: ragdollranchnz@gmail.com
Website: Click Here  
TURJAK, Aleksandra  VONIMP Houhora Home: 0210667661
E-mail: info@vonimp.com
Website: Click Here  
ZHANG, Rovina  AMORAPHRO Rotorua
E-mail: info@amoraphro.com
Website: Click Here  

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