Developed in the early 60's in the United States to resemble the wild endangered species, they were the result of breeding an Abyssinian/Siamese cross back to a Siamese. The American Shorthair was also used in the foundation to produce a medium to large breed with a distinctive spotted tabby pattern, the Ocicat is substantial but athletic, with a sleek coat. Extremely loyal and loving, they are confident with people and integrate well with children and other animals. Very intelligent, they are easily trained and make lively, active and playful pets.

The Ocicat breed in New Zealand now includes classic tabby patterned cats which were formerly known here as Classicats.

NZCF Accredited Ocicat Catteries

Breeder NamesPrefix NameLocationContact Info
SANDBROOK, Natalie Ann  NATSCATS Taradale Napier Home: 0275352779
E-mail: creativedrama@xtra.co.nz
Website: Click Here  

Ocicat Breeders List

Breeder NamesPrefix NameLocationContact Info
BOTTEMA, Emma  PORTFIELDS Port Albert Auckland Nth Home: 021 1722419
E-mail: portfieldsfarm@gmail.com  
BOYD, Julie A  OPTISPOT Warkworth Home: 021852017
E-mail: optimum.boyd@xtra.co.nz  

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