Thought to be one of the oldest breeds, the Abyssinian has a well muscled body with a unique ticked coat resembling the wild rabbit. This appearance is effected by two or three bands of light and dark pigment on every hair.

Their character is charming and intelligent and they demand affection. If allowed their freedom they become persistent hunters and are hardy enough to withstand plenty of outdoor life. They are good tempered and get on well with other cats and pets.

NZCF Accredited Abyssinian Catteries

Breeder NamesPrefix NameLocationContact Info
SANDBROOK, Natalie Ann  NATSCATS Taradale Napier Home: 0275352779
E-mail: creativedrama@xtra.co.nz
Website: Click Here  

Abyssinian Breeders List

Breeder NamesPrefix NameLocationContact Info
BLYTHEN, Terence  
ANKOBER RD 1, Paparoa Northland Home: (09) 4317142
E-mail: tblythen@gmail.com
Website: Click Here  
COONEY, Donna  WILDVALLEY RD 1 Whangamata Home: 0211517830
E-mail: wildvalleynz@gmail.com  
ELDER, Maureen  SHAN LING Hunua, RD 3 Papakura Auckland Home: (09) 292 4209
E-mail: abidabbs01@gmail.com  
MACPHERSON, Nicky  CAIZAH Burwood Christchurch Home: 021 1010799
E-mail: caizahabys@gmail.com
Website: Click Here  
THOMAS, Beverly
THOMAS, Sharon  
BESHA Weymouth Auckland Home: (09) 269 5470  
THOMAS, Dean  DANZ Weymouth Auckland Home: (09) 269 5470
E-mail: danz@xtra.co.nz  

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